We all have trying times that include days when you aren’t sure where you’ll draw the energy to get things done. It’s only Tuesday but the start to my week has been a bit shaky. I wasn’t feeling well forcing me to stay in bed to recharge. My daughter had exams and I had to make sure to get out of bed to prepare breakfast before she headed to school. I was successful completing the task for the morning. It was all my body could handle today. The feeling of guilt caused by my unproductive time at home was tough. I’ve committed to blogging regularly, as well as doing work for other writing projects. Falling short on my writing schedule put a spell on me. I spiraled into a bit of a slump questioning if I was biting more off than I could chew. Have you ever felt this way?

We all have goals, deadlines, projects that require us to act on. I began to ask myself if I could continue to produce the work each day. What would I write about next? Would I find an idea for my next short story? Will I be able to finish my book? Will my efforts in some way truly help women reading my blogs and short stories? It was like playing 50 questions but without anyone else in the room. Slowly finding myself sinking further deep into my chair, in this case my bed. I felt myself falling into “The Dip.” Everyone has been to that familiar place. The dip is the pain you feel when you think you aren’t going to reach that goal or deadline you’ve worked so hard towards. It’s the anguish of thinking you won’t get the promotion you’ve been wanting. It’s the fear that everything you’ve done to get to the moment of truth – the win you’ve been looking for won’t materialize. Finally, it is the anxiety felt when the unknown takes over. The dip is the doubt, trepidation, nerves and weary feeling that wants to take over right before you go into high gear for the acceleration. This is the point that will test your threshold of pain. This is the difference between winning and losing. Overcoming the dip will bring success taking you to a level where believers stand waiting for the next step in the journey to reaching their finish line. So, when you feel the dip embrace the pain. Show it whose boss and take it on because it’s here to challenge you. It wants to find out if you are committed to your dream. You will feel these moments, only you will understand the struggle. Don’t hide from it, confront it. It will define you. It will be the moment when change happens.

These are the 3 Ways to Help You Conquer the Dip:

  1. Shift your Mindset: We are in control of our thoughts. We can change the perspective. Look within to modify the point of view. Remember the reason why you are doing the work. Find your positive – how many will this dream of yours touch? How many will be helped? This win is bigger than you so you have to complete your purpose. My mindset has shifted by acknowledging and accepting my dip. Then taking steps to move away from the negativity.
  2. Perform One Task that Will Help Move You in the Direction You Want To Go: The smallest task you can do when you feel the dip will get you moving forward towards that which you desire. Send an email to that recruiter who is helping with a job search; Make a follow-up call to the contact you made a month ago regarding your next big idea; Read an article that will uplift your spirits or confidence. Review material for your next article or do research to help write notes on your upcoming speech.  Whatever the goal is, do one thing that will help realize it. It will make a difference in your day. I wrote this blog today because I felt the need to share my dip. Hopefully, it will help others that might be experiencing their own dip.
  3. Take on One Activity to Increase your “feelgood” Chemicals: Take a trip to the gym or your favorite gym class. Play your favorite playlist to get you into a good mood. Go for a walk and take in fresh air to clear your head. Lastly, spend time with loved ones to remind you of the things that are most important in life. I watched a funny movie with my daughter today. I laughed so hard, I cried. I beat my dip tonight.

Don’t allow “The Dip” to scare you out of doing what you are meant to do – be fearless on the path to success.


The Top 3 Ways to Conquer "The Dip"  is reprinted with permission from Yvette Bodden, Founder of Awakened-Women(Awakened-Woman.com). Yvette Bodden is a Freelance Writer. She is a co-parent, divorced, single-working mother. Her compelling articles about women in life, love, Latino culture, divorce, co-parenting, motherhood and relationships demonstrate compassion and understanding for people and real-life situations.

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