Guest Author: Jennifer Call

The Importance of Co-Parenting for Even Adult Children

According to a recent report, the gray divorce rate has doubled in the US since 1990. This means that many teen to adult age children must now cope with two parents who are no longer married. And while the dynamics of co-parenting a child versus an adult are quite different, it does not make it any less important for the adult-aged child. Empty nest divorcees must come up with a strategy that works for themselves and their children in order to maintain a healthy family unit. A big part of this strategy involves understanding the importance of parenting your kids at an older age.

Take Care of the Logistics

A divorce at any age can be a logistical nightmare, but especially after decades of marriage. The longer couples stay together, the more intertwined and complicated financial information becomes. First and foremost, it’s important to maintain a working relationship with your ex-spouse in order to sort out these complicated issues. A major focus should be placed on resolving any logistical matters as soon as possible in order to avoid the children from inheriting their parents problems as their own. Once this is taken care of, then the work to create a good environment for the children can begin.

Parenting Never Stops

While this should go without saying, even after a child has grown up and moved out, the parents role in their live does not end. Navigating the early years of adulthood can be incredibly challenging for most young people, and your parents/guardians are often the guides to help transition from adolescence to adulthood. Therefore, it’s incredibly important for parents to be there for their adult children. Oftentimes, this is when the role of the parent changes from disciplinarian to a friend – and divorced couples must work together in order to make sure they’re getting the proper relationship from each parent.

Divorces will never be easy for a child, no matter how old they are. It will take time for them to fully come to terms with the situation and move forward. To help facilitate this transition in the healthiest possible way, it’s vital for divorced spouses to come to a mutual agreement to put the mental health of their children first. The common bond that parents have over their kid should be the driving force to a healthy co-parenting relationship for their older children.

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