SmartCoparent Makes First Selection of Financial Advisors To Its Platform

SmartCoparent, the world’s most comprehensive and affordable co-parenting solution, has selected The Merrill Lynch 712 Investment Group to assist clients in managing their finances throughout the pre and post-divorce process. The ML 712 Investment Group combines both the personalization of a boutique wealth management firm with the backing of a large financial institution to help families transition through financial challenges associated with divorce. 

SmartCoparent made the selection based on several on-site meetings. Advisor teams are assessed on a number of factors, including team cohesiveness and experience, breadth and depth of financial product offerings, advisory fees, diversity of the team and understanding of the complex needs of SmartCoparent clients.

The ML 712 Investment Group (and through its affiliates) cover a number of high-touch strategies to help co-parents transition to two-household and blended family financial matters. Services include education funding strategies, trust and estate services, investments, checking and savings accounts, health savings, disability insurance, home loans, home equity lines of credit and retirement planning, to name a few.

The relationship between SmartCoparent and the Merrill Lynch 712 Investment Group has begun as a referral program, with direct links to the 712 Investment Group on the SmartCoparent app and website, and is expected to evolve into a more comprehensive service offering for the SmartCoparent clients. Future offerings may include exclusive seminars for family attorneys of SmartCoparent clients on financial matters in divorce; customized articles and insights on divorce and finance; and connections to a number of experts in fields such as tax, insurance and small business valuation.

The 712 Investment Group is located in mid-town NYC, at the heart of the world’s financial markets and can cater to qualified individuals located anywhere in the United States. SmartCoparent clients will never be contacted by any member of the 712 Investment Group, unless requested to by the client.

SmartCoparent is also reviewing additional advisors for its platform to ensure a wide range of its customers can find solutions that fit their financial profile and lifestyle.


SmartCoparent was launched in 2018 by a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®) with the vision to re-imagine the way co-parents collaborate, share information, expenses and exchange money. SmartCoparent is the new, affordable alternative to the co-parenting applications, focused on continuously providing modern technologies and cutting-edge products to improve co-parenting lives. With SmartCoparent, individuals, families and professionals can reduce a wide range of co-parenting conflicts and complications, increase collaboration, restore order and regain peace of mind.


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