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All SmartCoparent Adult Plans Include:

Support Requests

Create clean, clear support payment requests and cost shares on-line.

Automated, Organized

Attach receipts to your support payment requests and share everything on-line.

Shared Calendar

Create, share, and view calendar events and recurring events in almost any combination.

Safe, Secure

High Grade SSL Security. SmartCoparent never stores any of your payment or bank information.

Monitor Your Budget

Use our Dashboard to monitor expenses and overdue support payments.

Store and Share Anything

Share important documents and contacts. Keep stuff private too.

Stay Informed

Messages, private journal, alerts, and activity reports to keep you informed.

Helping Hands

Awesome Support to help you simplify complicated living.


Free Children Plans Include:

Shared Calendar

Create, share, and view calendar events and recurring events in almost any combination.

Stay Informed

Group chat and calendar alerts for easy communication between family members.


Popular Questions asked by our Customers

Is the starter plan really free?

Answer: Yes, its Free! There are no strings attached and you do not need your credit card or bank details to signup for the starter plan.

Can I upgrade or downgrade at any time?

Answer: Yes, you are free to upgrade or downgrade your account. Upgrading or Downgrading is easy and you can continue to use your existing account and information.

Do you charge a commission for Online Payments?

Answer: No, SmartCoparent does not charge a commission or fee on the amount that you receive using Paypal Online Payments. Your payer co-parent can make an online payment using PayPal. These companies might charge a small fee for processing the payment.

What features are common to all plans?

Ans: All adult plans come with:

  1. Free shared calendar
  2. Messaging / chat
  3. Private Journal
  4. Upload, track and manage your expenses
  5. Create support payment requests using beautiful, clean e-mail templates.
  6. Import and Export your info at anytime.
  7. Upload and maintain contacts, and important documents
  8. Alerts and Reminders
  9. High Grade SSL Security
  10. File Attachments
  11. Personal financial metrics and more..

Can I cancel at anytime? Are there any cancellation fees?

Answer: Yes, you are free to cancel your account at any time. There are no cancellation fees..

Is my data safe?

Answer: Yes, your Privacy and Security matter the most to us. SmartCoparent is MacAfee SECURE certified. SmartCoparent uses the same SSL online security level that is used by most banks. We do not store your credit card or bank details in our systems. All person to person payments are handled exclusively through PayPal.

How long are your contracts?

Answer:   Unlike some other providers, you can try our Starter plan for free, forever. Our Premium plan starts with monthly billing and is perfect for families. Only one Premium account subscription often suffices for both co-parents.

Are there discounts for multiple accounts?

Ans: Yes, Please send us an email at and we will get back to you ASAP.

More Questions?

Ans: Please feel free to email us at if you have any other questions. Alternatively you can also visit the help center.

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