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In addition to building a world-class co-parenting marketplace, SmartCoparent regularly reviews established co-parenting businesses, including select media services, home care, family care, pet-care services, co-parenting mobile apps, websites and domain names.


Why Partner or Sell Your Business?


Unlock Value

After years of hard work, you may want to build another venture, or simply desire to retire and enjoy the reward for the financial and time effort you’ve invested so far.

Explore Opportunities

SmartCoparent is looking to help owners who have lost passion for their subject matter the opportunity to explore new interests. Having SmartCoparent as a partner can help your business continues to flourish in capable hands.

Achieve Growth and Scale

Companies partnered with or acquired by SmartCoparent can benefit from our advanced technology infrastructure and our strategic / holistic approach to marketing, which otherwise requires significant investment.

Why SmartCoparent?

SmartCoparent can provides business owners with a unique opportunity to partner or exit that is unlike traditional options, by offering a compelling combination of advanced technology, shared ownership, marketing resources, and management expertise. All of this is designed to preserve the continued success of the business you’ve made your life’s work.

SmartCoparent’s team is comprised of successful entrepreneurs, CIOs, and business leaders who understand the unique needs of a company when making a transition.

Working with SmartCoparent, partners or seller candidates can expect:

  • Complete confidentiality
  • Commitment to integrity
  • Business continuity
  • Experienced team
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