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 Our Approach

We know there is a fine line between making affordable and fairly priced products to help families in need, and building something simply to profit off  of others. If you agree, read on…




SmartCoparent is a powerful application, made by co-parents, for co-parents. Our vision is to deliver the world’s best-valued and most complete digital ecosystem for co-parents, lawyers, financial advisors, family courts and anyone looking to simplify complicated living associated with divorce or separation.
What drives us apart from others is that we understand that all co-parenting relationships are different and that separation or divorce can make both time and money scarce resources. That’s why our mission is to invest and deploy the latest technologies to make an always affordable, always practical, digital platform for co-parents like you, and like us.
We continue to invest in cutting edge technologies, such as distributed ledger (blockchain) solutions, to make our ongoing co-parenting ecosystem even more superior and more affordable than ever. We are looking forward to going on this journey with you. You know life is hard enough. We know co-parenting doesn’t have to be.

Our Story

SmartCoparent was born out of very real and personal needs of our founder, Greg Wagner. As a dad, co-parent and former C-level executive in the financial markets, Greg wanted to find a solution to the frantic back and forth e-mails, texts and phone calls, associated with arranging visitation, negotiating, paying and tracking support payments and associated expenses.
Being unsatisfied with the quality of the today’s co-parenting apps and particularly, completely shocked at the high cost and long term subscriptions; Greg took went to work and went on to to build the world’s next generation of digital co-parenting. 
Today, Moiety and SmartCoparent are the most comprehensive and affordable co-parenting solutions you can find. Let us help you simplify your complicated living.

Meet Our Management Team

Our philosophy is that co-parents like us, have unique needs and hence, deserve unique tools to make their lives easier. We understand that you don’t have to be in a high conflict divorce to want to be organized with your finances and support payments. We especially know that requiring both co-parents to join a co-parenting platform to make it work, is not often practical.
That’s why we built SmartCoparent to be flexible and suitable for all co-parenting types. It is our passion and mission to be the most advanced, best-valued co-parenting solution you will ever need.



Gregory Wagner

Founder & CEO, SmartCoparent
Dad, co-parent. Former 22-year wall street veteran. Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®). ‘Innovator of the Year’ award winner: Innovate Long Island, 2017.



Vanessa Fernandes

Board Member, Technical Advisor
Head of North America Digital Transformation for a major international bank.



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